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Thread: How to potty train my 6 yr old yorkie

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    Unhappy How to potty train my 6 yr old yorkie

    She continues to have accidents in the home.. My boy is trained to the pads.. I take her out several times a day, I got the potty patch grass thing and they wont use it..Help?? any suggestions

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    Hello Fellow-Yorkie-Owner,
    Well, little Yorkies can be tricky...tiny bladders. My pup was used to using newspapers in his breeder's kennel, so that's what I used in his puppy playpen in our basement. And, I got him to use newspapers with a piece of plastic-coated shelf-paper underneath in the kitchen upstairs and also in my bedroom on the 2nd floor. I closed-off our dining room and living room while he was young since soooo much extra space would get him 'lost' and then, he'd pee in a corner in those rooms and not remember where the newspapers were located! Now that he's almost a year old, he's doing pretty well! He uses the newspapers in his playpen. He also goes on the grass when we go for walks outdoors when I get home from work. I usually give him a tiny 'treat' for going outside and as soon as I see him use the upper floor newpapers.
    Yorkies cannot wait as long as 'bigger dogs' to go to the bathroom! So, you should be prepared to go outside about 15 - 20 minutes after their meals & drinks.

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