I am a professional artist who has always loved all animals. I do portraits of animals with a few people scattered in there...but I love the furry creatures. I have three miniature schnauzers who keep me company while I paint. We also have a standard schnauzer who is living with us at this time....came with my daughter's family. Aside from enjoying the companionship of the pups, I have made it my mission to research keeping them healthy from a natural standpoint. We have some health issues we are dealing with as they age, but all in all, they are very healthy. I haven't figures out the lack of tears cause yet, but I am pretty sure that the Addison's Disease is caused by chemical exposure. I wish we could protect them from all of that, but in this day and age, I think it is impossible. But I love them all bunches! Happy to be a part of this group...I hope we all can learn lots of helpful info!