I'm Emma's Daddy. Emma is a great little 4-year old Mini Schnauzer we adopted from a rescue foster home in Penrose, Colorado (near Canon City) on January 2nd of this year. She is very small for a Mini Schnauzer, weighing only 10 pounds. We believe she was a puppy mill dog, and it appears that she had a rough life before coming to us. She does not like strangers, especially men. It took about a month before she would have anything to do with me, and she is still very wary of me. She does love it when I take her for walks, though. Emma has bonded with her Momma (my wife Betty), and prefers to spend an inordinate amount of time in Momma's lap. Emma also does not like jackets, hats, sunglasses, or people reaching at her. She does not mind children, and she has no problem with bicycles, but she thinks a child on a bicycle is like a demon from hell. We are patiently working on Emma's "issues", and Emma is slowly getting better. She is the perfect dog for us. She is just the right size, and she is way past all those puppy behaviors like chewing and accidents on the carpet, and she loves to play.