I am Bayley's new Mom! Bayley is our loving, bright and happy 9 1/2 month old Cockapoo puppy who came to live with us in August of 2009. She brings joy and sunshine to our lives and to all those who meet her. She learns quickly and is a very inquisitive puppy, always studying the cause and consequence of her actions (in a very positive sense).

We had to put our 15 1/2 year old Cocker Spaniel, Happy, a pet therapy dog who went to work with me at a school for children with disabilites for the first 8 years of her life, until my retirement. Later she practiced her pet therapy nature and skills with my clients, as I am now a practicing Health Kinesiologist. Bayley is now taking Happy's place, greeting my clients and making them feel comfortable and accepted.

Bayley was born in Mystic, Conn. and has joined our family in living a healthy, holistic and natural living lifestyle. She loves her cousins (children and dogs) travels well and often, loves "puppy school" and helping to train her new parents.

We have benefitted greatly from Sharda Baker's blogs, referrals and sources for learning and look forward to continuing that learning through this forum.