Hi all, I am Carol and I live in Koh Samui in Thailand with my husband, Stan and our 4 dogs, yes 4!!!

We moved here from the UK back in February 2004 and bought with us our 2 year old black Lab called Lucie, then in May of that year my husband found an abandoned black puppy who was just 7 weeks old - we called him Otis and he is now a big black Thai dog - loos a bit Alsatianish... he is now 4 years old.

Then 2 years ago, this month, we were doing some work on a building site and there were many 'site dogs' one was a beautiful blond dog - looks like a miniature golden retriever - but he had been run over by a truck and his front right leg had been broken - so I arranged for the Dog Rescue to pick him up and sort him - we left cash for his care - but unfortunately they did nothing for him and dumped him back on site. The site manager called us and told us that he was back on site in a bad way - not only with his broken leg but that he had been in a fight and had had a toe off his left foot bitten off.... again the Dog Rescue was called and they took him in... only to be dumped back on site a few days later in a real bad way....... so we went down to the site and I scooped him up out of the sand, wrapped him in a clean sheet and put him in the car on my knee, straight down to the vets where he was x-rayed and our vet was nearly in tears as there was nothing he could do for his break as it had been left too long to correct so it had to stay as it was.... he was given painkillers and antibiotics for his missing toe injury and we took him home..

Some weeks later he developed a nose bleed and upon investigation it was found to be a TVT (Transmissible Venereal Tumor) in his nose - the black bit - he was treated with 5 sessions of Chemotherapy - he has recovered all okay and is a fantastic lovable little fellow and he loves us to bits.

Then, just 4 weeks ago we acquired dog No 4, we had been to the supermarket and had been followed around the car park by a young Doberman(ish) looking bitch - she was starving hungry and so very dirty but she tugged my heartstrings........ I asked around if she had an owner and several shopkeepers told us that she was a street dog... so I picked her up and put her in the car... thing is, these supermarkets from time to time put down poisoned meat for these homeless dogs to cull them, apparently it puts people off from doing their shopping - so they get rid of them..

We took her straight to our vets - she is about 6 months old, she had worms and very dirty ears, but apart from that not too much wrong with her, of course the first thing we had to do was to give her a shower, she was filthy and a good feed - she is now very happy and has settled in amazingly well and her and Benni are just inseparable and she even shares Benni's bed with him!!!! She loves her food and going out for walks on her harness, she is a lovely little girl... and we love ALL of them... but we really cannot take in any more...... honestly!!!!