It's so great to be able to join this dog forum and look forward to chatting with everyone!!
I have a two year old King Charles Cavalier, Maggie, the sweetest most laid back dog I have ever seen!
She almost never barks, which I can say, without a doubt, is not true of my 10 month old 3# Yorkie, Lexi.

Lexi is the Alpha dog, even though she has been here for less than a year. She bosses Maggie around
and is always the one that initiates play. Sometimes Maggie resorts to her crate to get away from Lexi, lol.
Lexi is about 95% housebroken, but occasionally slips up and goes potty on my kitchen floor.
Now that Spring is almost here, hopefully this will be less of a problem for us.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!