Hi. My name is Judi and I would like to tell you some about me and my bunch.
I am semi-retired, work part-time to get me out of the house. I also volunteer at our local Humane Society training the bigger dogs. This is where I go if I feel kind of down, the dogs always make me feel better with their affection and willingness to learn. It's my touch with my spiritual side
I have 3 dogs, Cheyenne (Westie 4 years), Emmi (labX, 4 years, and Gilbert (JRT 16years) and 2 cats, Buddy (older tabby) and Fuzzy (Grey long hair about 2). They are such a fun group and very entertaining, cheap too. There is never a dull moment around my household.
The reason I used 5westiesmom for my user name is Cheyenne is the 5th Westie that I have had. The other four are waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. I really miss them but Cheyenne helps. Almost 30 years of having Westies has kept me on my toes.
I will add more as time goes by. I want to read other posts.