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Thread: Hi & Welcome Everyone from IL

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    Hi & Welcome Everyone from IL

    My name is Mary L and I have a 1 yr. old, 2 #, Teacup Yorkie. Who loves to learn and is a wonderful, loving, smart as a whip pet. However, still have mistakes made, in the Pottie Training area. Still working on that. I've traveled a lot since I got him so it's been difficult to stay persistant and consistane. I think we'd be over this problem if I'd been around more. Nonetheless, can learn a new trick in minutes, which absolutely blows my mind in that area. WHY OH WHY is Pottie Training such a PAIN? LOL

    Any and All Advise Welcome,
    Mary L

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    Hello Mary L and welcome to our little forum.

    I understand your sentiments Mary L it's something that every dog owner must go through.

    It's the mountain that we have to overcome. : )

    I hope you keep on posting and enjoy your stay.

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