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Thread: My Introduction

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    My Introduction

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Susan Potts from Northeast Ohio. I am a professional pet groomer and pet food advisor. I have been grooming both cats and dogs for 17 years. I stay up to date on all the new products and procedures by attending a grooming seminar at least once a year. I try to base my grooming on using all natural and holistic products. My grooming spa features state of the art equipment and a cozy and comfortable place for both me and the pets I groom.

    My husband and I have two standard poodles named Pippin (white) & Bosco (black). They are great dogs and each is unique. Pippin has been running agility and now that the weather is warmer we will be setting up the course in the back yard. Pippin is also my business partner as I like to call him. Pip is in all my advertising and I even have my holistic pet food website named after him. It's PipsChoice. Bosco comes from a long line of therapy dogs and is my big comforter.

    I have been getting Sandra's newsletters for a few years now and I always enjoy what she is writing about. It was reading the pet food letters she writes that got me interested in learning and studying what the pet food industries base their food production on. I was curious to learn what the food I was feeding my beloved pet's was actually made from. The food I was giving them was Flint River Ranch which is not in the so called bad group, however I thought I could do better. I was told about a food I never heard about - Life's Abundance - I loved what read about it and got excited to spread the word. I figured, I had never heard about it so probably many others had not either. I joined HealthyPetNet and became a independent field representative. I am still a distributor of Flint River Ranch, I know that it has helped many dogs with allergies and stomach problems, but I always tell pet owners about Life's Abundance. Dogs and cats, no matter what they are eating still needs a great supplement and I use NuVet Plus for my dogs.

    I am advailable to take questions about grooming, caring for your pets and nutrioun. I write a blog call The Healthy Dog at spottsdogcare.blogspot.com and enjoy running a contest every other month. I invite you to stop by and check it out and at my website spottsgrooming.com I have many pictures of the pets I groom.

    Looking forward to getting to know all of you.
    Susan Potts, CPG

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    Welcome Susan Potts (petfoodadvisor)!

    Keep on posting and have fun!

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