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Thread: New owner of a ChiWienie

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    Smile New owner of a ChiWienie

    Hey, y'all, from Anastasia and SuzyQ. Sharda sure found a bunch of us today. I signed in earlier, just to be on the safe side, ate lunch, then returned to introduce myself and my four (4) year old ChiWienie and myself. Anastasia (Ana) and I met in January 2010 at PAWS at Kyle, Texas. Since Ana loves everybody, it was easy for me to fall for her. When I lost my Cardigan Welsh Corgi last summer, I said I would never own another dog. Then I started checking dogs on the internet. I found a breeder of Rat Terriers who convinced me that her pups would add twenty years to my life. Since a Corgi is hard to come by in this area and I can no longer pick up a dog that large and heavy, (and I did not want to look at a dog that would remind me of my companion of 14 years) I was looking for a small, light weight dog. I met Ana just after she had weaned six pups that looked very much like her. I had a short wait before I could pick her up and take her home. I need some refreshers on training, and so does she, but it is plain to me that we were meant for one another. I am so glad that Sharda invited us to join in sharing thoughts and ideas with one another.

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    I'm glad that you decided to share your love with another dog SuzyQ.

    It really seems that you're both meant to be.

    Welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay.

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