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Thread: Hi I am Melodi

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    Hi I am Melodi

    I just adopted a homeless Boston Terrier and this is my first experience with this breed. I recently had to put my 17 year old Shih Tzu down. I am heart broken but this new little guy is making it a little easier. Now I brought him home yesterday and he still hasn't eaten anything. Will he eat when he gets more comfortable? He's drinking a little so I don't think he's dehydrated. Any tips?

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    Hi Melodi,

    Welcome to the forum,

    Sounds like your new Boston is likely a bit stressed with his move (which is usually expected to a degree with adoption of a homeless dog).

    Lots of TLC and ensure he is drinking well. A bit of a walk, some play etc should soon start him feeling at home and eating.

    You could try a healthy dog treat as well.

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