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Tails -- to dock or not to dock?

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by on 05-08-2010 at 01:16 AM (338 Views)
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This is a matter of some concern as we raise both Pembroke Corgis and Mini Aussies. We have a corgi girl that we were planning to keep. She had a little stubby tail, as do many of our babies from our male Winston. Because we were going to keep her, I elected not to have her tail docked. It has set me wondering why it would be advisable to dock tails at all -- stubby tails or otherwise. In England it is now forbidden to dock tails or crop ears on any breed of dog. I have studied the history of docking and find no health related concerns -- only taxes. So -- would people not want a puppy with an undocked tail? Would people generally prefer an undocked tail? What would be the consensus of this forum?
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