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Tracey Burns

Molly, 2 year old border collie & Izzy, 10 month old cocker

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by on 04-22-2010 at 03:28 PM (441 Views)
Hi Everyone and welcome to my blog,

Anybody who reads the forums will know that I have been rather prolific in populating the forums so I thought I might as well start up a blog as well!

By way on an introduction, my name is Tracey and I live in Stafford, England. I work full-time and have two children, a boy of 12 and a daughter of 6, I also have a two year old Border Collie called Molly and a 10 month old English working cocker spaniel called Izzy. Finally, I also have a wonderful husband who works nights and does all the cooking and looking after the children when they are not at school.

We are very fortunate that we live right on Cannock Chase and so we can take our dogs for very long walk, although we have been very poor at this and have now implemented 4 mile walks with our dogs every night - which we started just over two weeks ago.

Molly is a very typical border collie, very bright and alert, eager to please and loves her exercise. However, she is also quite timid and nervous and suffers with aggression when she is on the lead.

Izzy on the other hand, is only a pup so we are still training her and everyday brings with it new trials and tribulations - although I have seen a tremendous improvement in her behaviour since we have started walking her everyday! Who would have thought that my lazy little cocker who sleeps all the time actually loves being exercised!!

We have just started Izzy at obedience classes and whilst she was star pupil in the classroom it was much harder putting the exercises into place when we are out on our walks. We are hoping to start Molly this weekend but she was on heat last week, so hopefully she will be okay to go this week. The trainers also do agility classes and we are very keen to get Molly involved in this if we can socialise her with the other dogs okay.

Would love to hear other peoples stories and also happy to hear help and advice.

Kind regards

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  1. Tracey Burns's Avatar
    Hi Everyone

    We had our first training session with both dogs yesterday, and we had to do it outside. Hubby took Molly and I took Izzy.

    Too start with it is much harder doing the training outside as there is so much more to distract the dog!

    Hubby also had to deal with our aggressive collie but the trainer was absolutely fantastic. We knew we to blame for her behaviour but didn't know how to change. The first thing we need to change is our need to calm her down and reassure her that everything is okay - all we are actually doing is reassuring her that her bad behaviour is acceptable! The trainer also showed Hubby a different way to hold the lead so that he can have an improved correction tug and hubby is now that confident that he has decided to take Molly on walks without the halti as he can correct her more effectively.

    Izzy was good again - apart from when she ran straight past me on the 'come' command and went straight to my children - but I guess this is kind of acceptable (at the moment!).

    The only really issue we had was the fact that occassionally the dogs got jealous of each other and both wanted our attention - even though we didn't stand next to each other. This is a real shame as we didn't really want to have to alternate the weeks we take them or even go on different nights as we so rarely get the opportunity to do things as a family. If anybody has any advice or opinions on this then I would really appreciate them!

    All the very best

    Tracey, Izzy & Molly
  2. jude09's Avatar
    this is really nice Tracey.

    great job!
  3. Tracey Burns's Avatar
    Last night Izzy went the whole night without whining or yapping. I was very concerned about what I might find!! There were two options, either she had trashed the house or she was ill - I didn't want to find out either way!! As hubby wasn't working last night I very kindly kicked him out of bed and sent him to find out, fortunately everything was fine and Izzy had actual spent a wonderful quiet night curled up next to Molly - or at least that's what I choose to believe. Maryann (another user on this forum) had actually told me off because I kept changing their routine and so it just goes to show that as I had stuck to one thing and the dogs will, eventually (hopefully!) conform.
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  4. Tracey Burns's Avatar
    Have you ever noticed how excited your dog gets when you pull out her lead. Molly is no exception, she can barely contain herself! We have to be really strict with her and make her calm down but once she has sat still she is still so excited that she actually starts trying to talk to us (come on I am sure you know what I mean!!). However, Izzy is the total opposite, she is completely petrified of the lead! As soon as it comes out she skulks off, if hubby has the lead she will come and hide behind me! Once we have finally coaxed her to come to us she is really golden and just stands there and lets us put it on but there is no excitement and sometimes she actually shakes whilst we are putting it on. Once on she will just stand there in the same spot until we are ready to leave the house!! I know it is such a shame for her but she looks so daft and cute she just makes us laugh!!!
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