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Jan Swartz

Hello Dollie!!

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by on 04-21-2010 at 06:10 PM (226 Views)
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Hi: We are new members and my name is Jan and my husband's name is Don. We have a 2 yr old Yorkie/papillon mix named Buddy and we just got a 3 month old yorkie puppy named Dollie. She weighs 2pounds 4 oz and is so cute. Buddy is litter box trained and so we began that with Dollie. I gave the breeder a litter box before we picked her up so she could get started. She was doing really well at first and had few accidents until last week. I hurt my back and probably didn't give her as much attention as I had given to her before - so she has regressed a bit. She poops in the litter box every time - but has a lot of accidents right outside the litter box when she pees. I am trying to watch her very carefully when I think she might need to go and if she does go in the box I give her a treat and praise , etc. - but the next time I guess she forgets and then we have another accident. I pick her up and put her into the litter box and she just looks at me or jumps out!!
She has had 3 of her 4 puppy shots so i cannot take her outside yet - Buddy also goes in a little grassy side yard that we have for him so I thought I would introduce that to her later.
Does anybody have any suggestions?
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