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t tr_ em cao c_p gi r_ giao hng ton qu_c

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by on 09-14-2015 at 09:14 AM (62 Views)
__c _i_m n_i b_t c_a xe t _i_n tr_ em 7996:
1, t _i_n tr_ em HCM 7996 c 2 ch_ __ t_ li v _i_u khi_n t_ xa b_n chi_u l_n l__t tr__c, sau, ph_i, tri, __i v_i cc b cn nh_ t_ 1,5 __n 3 tu_i khng t_ li xe ___c cha m_ c th_ b_ng cch _i_u khi_n t_ xa cho b yu vui ch_i th_a mi trong nh v ngoi tr_i hay _ cng vin no _ cho b, t_c __ c_a xe t _i_n tr_ em ch_y ch_ b_ng t_c __ c_a ng__i l_n _i b_ nn b_ m_ c th_ yn tm _i_u khi_n xe t _i_n tr_ em cho b vui ch_i cng b_n b, _i hng mt cng vin cng b_ m_.
2, __i v_i nh_ng b l__n h_n m_t cht b c th_ t_ li xe t _i_n tr_ em, khi _ cc b_ m_ c h_ _i_u khi_n xe cho b ho_c __ cho b t_ tr_i nghi_m nh_ng ni_m vui c_a m_t li xe khi _ b_n c th_ ch_n ch_t __ t_ li xe t cho b, khi b_n ch_n ch_ __ cho b t_ li th _i_u khi_n t_ xa lc _ khng th_ _i_u khi_n ___c xe, lc _ b ch_ c_n __p chn vo ga __ ki_m sot _i l_i c_a mnh, trong lc b t_ li xe t _i_n tr_ em mu_n li xe ch_ c_n __i c_n g_t ng__c l_i v _m chn ga l xe c th_ _i li ___c.
3, ch_ __o m nh_c: ch_ c_n _n nt trn v l_n b yu c th_ nghe nh_ng bi nh_c ng_t ngo ___c ci __t s_n trn xe t _i_n tr_ em.
4, pht l_i MP3: Chi_c xe ___c trang b_ pht nh_c MP3, chu_n b_ cho mnh m_t __u c_m MP3 trong cc bi ht MP3 jack xe s_ di_n ra v_i ti_ng ci xe! B_n c_ng c th_ ch_i nh_c yu thch c_a b_n Oh baby!
5, cc m ph_ng thi_t k_ tay li, r_ tri v ph_i b_ng gi_ng ni, phm ch_i nh_c, nt ci.
6, thi_t k_ bnh xe tr__t, an ton h_n, thi_t b_ an ton gh_ _ai, ph h_p cho tr_ nh_.
6, thi_t k_ thn r_ng ri c th_ _i cng em b l_n ln __ s_ d_ng.
7, _i_u khi_n t_ xa s_ d_ng hai "AA 1.5V" pin, kho_ng cch _i_u khi_n t_ xa kho_ng 30-40m.
8, chi_c t _i_n tr_ em HCM ___c trang b_ thi_t b_ b_o v_ t_ __ng t_t ngu_n, khi xe th_t b_i (nh_ li xe ko di, tnh tr_ng qu t_i li xe, l_i ng_n m_ch) khi b_o v_ s_ t_ __ng t_t, chi_c xe s_ khng _i trong th_i gian ny __ t_t Power 2 pht, ch_ __i __ ti_p t_c s_ d_ng b_o v_ t_ __ng sau khi c _i_n tr_ l_i ho_c lo_i tr_ s_ c_ xe.

L_u : Giao thng v_n t_i l nguy hi_m, c_ hai tr__c khi ki_m tra l hng tr__c khi giao hng c s_n. Nh_ng sau t_t c_, _y l m_t xe __y _i_n tr_. Khng th_ __ kh_ n_ng __ nm express bo ch, n_u ph_ ki_n nghi_n nt c_a hng l gi v_n chuy_n tr_ l_i v ra __ c ___c m_t m_i l_p n cho b_n. If you loved this article therefore you would like to receive more info about xe t _i_n cho tr_ em kindly visit the internet site. N_u thread dy __ v_t _i, _y khng ph_i l m_t v_n __ ch_t l__ng, vui lng cha m_ nh_ng ng__i s_ h_u _i_m tr_ l_i n.N_u b_n l ph_ huynh khng mu_n v_n chuy_n em b ny ln ho_c t_ ch_i xe __y tr_ em, cha m_, nh_ng ng__i mu_n __ tr_ l_i trong v_n chuy_n hng ha c_a mnh.

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