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my puppy cries all night when put to bed

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by on 06-24-2010 at 10:00 PM (3266 Views)
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i have a new 9week old yorkie puppy, i'v only had her a few days but when i put her to bed at night she cries, whines and barks all night, does any1 have any tips on how i can teach her not to cry?
I have a yorkie and when I got her I put her in her crate with a teddy bear to keep her company and keep her warm. If that doesn't work I have heard that if you put a ticking clock in her crate it will reminder her of her mother's heartbeat.
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    I have a Yorkie 11 months and she has slept with me since I got her and she just snuggles in and sleeps all night, It is comforting to me also that I know she is safe and happy. If your puppy isn't potty trained you can try a small portable plastic kennel and put it on your bed so she knows you are close, I did that with my Chihuahua when I first brought her home. Good Luck.
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