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Learning Japanese guidelines

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A Dutch study followed over 16,000 women for 8 years. They had no coronary disease at the start of the study. They were monitored for Vitamin K1 and K2 intakes. At the end of the study, nearly 500 women had developed coronary heart disease. They had eaten less ________ Taro cheese (see this here), eggs and meat than the others.

IYBGame ($.99) - This is a modified version of the traditional Korean board game, Yutnori. Players are stranded on a deserted island and must try to escape by rolling the dice and moving all the checkers to the end goal.

Used with the hangiri, is a wooden paddle called a shamoji. This helps to prepare and dress the rice, after which it is covered with a cloth called a fukin to cool it. Traditionally a shamoji, which is made of wood, bamboo or lacquer, is frequently dipped in water to prevent the rice from sticking to it. According to legend, a monk devised this utensil. It can also be used to crush vegetables such as garlic or cucumber. Modern sushi making kits often include a shamoji made of plastic. Metal is never used, as this might split the grains of the rice. In traditional japanese culture, the shamoji is seen to symbolize unity between the mother and the wife. It is passed from one generation to the next.

japanese culture and traditions IPlutoid ($.99) - This 3D shooter takes place in the orbit of the former planet known as Pluto. Players must defend the planetary reject from invading aliens all while remaining in the orbit. The game features flat-shaded polygon graphics that look quite a bit like they're from Katamari Damacy.

japanese culture and traditions food B.I.T.S. ($.99) - This pinball simulator has four modes that make this game anything but a typical pinball simulator. The modes include B.I.T.S. mode, where players must destroy all of the B.I.T.S. on a level, Ball Cloner, where players can clone the pinball as many times as possible within 60 seconds, Power Ups, where players can obtain power ups, and Multi-ball Mayhem, where a new ball will spawn every second for 20 seconds.

Bonsai refers particularly to the working out of and application of creative visualization to a tree. This eventually results in providing the illusion of a naturally matured small-sized tree. The art of growing and cultivating Bonsai plants incorporates the Japanese concept of shin-zen-bi which stands for truth, goodness and beauty.

Juyondai - This sake is in such demand they cannot keep it on the shelf long enough in both the U.S. and Japan. It is considered one of the best ever made and comes from a legendary brewery. Juyondai is aged sake that has been set aside for three years to age or "develop". The nose of this sake is fruity that is full of ripe dried fruits, caramel, subtle vanilla, and steamed rice. When you first sip this elegant sake it doesn't just enter the mouth it oozes. A wonderful food pairing would be with crab. Yamagata Prefecture is where this sake comes from. Yamagata is also known for being the largest producer of cherries and pears in Japan.
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