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Thread: Mini Schnauzer Training Help

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    Mini Schnauzer Training Help

    My 5 month old mini schnauzer hates being brushed he bites it and me ... hard. Anyone know how i can fix this problem while hes young? Also i would like to teach him how to speak on command because he barks all the time, except when i try to train him to. Any Tips ?!?!

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    Prince Aden....the pic of your little mini schnauzer is adorable.

    BRUSHING.......While you have the brush in one hand and brushing him...hold a treat in the other hand and hold it up to his nose, but don't allow him to have it just yet. After you are done, then and only then, can he have the treat. Also....if you groom (brush his fur as well as his teeth) in a certain place AND at a certain time...he will get so use to it...you will be able to fade out the treats. Dogs like a set daily routine.

    SPEAK ON COMMAND.....To teach your dog to bark on cue......
    1. Observe what causes your dog to bark - - a doorbell or knock, the postman, delivery man, the sight of you with the leash - - and use that stimulus to teach this trick. Because most dogs bark at the doorbell.....Stand at your front door, with the door open so your dog will be able to hear the bell. Give the cue "BARK" or "SPEAK" and press the doorbell. When your dog"barks" or "speaks"...immediately reward him and reinforce the cue with "Good Bark" or "Good Speak". Repeat this about 6 times.

    2. Continuing in the same session, give the cue but don't ring the bell. You may have to cue several times to get a bark.

    3. Try this trick in a different room.

    The hand cue is opening and closing your hand like a mouth opening and closing.

    ALSO...... You may want to try this.........
    When your dog barks, don't tell him to be quiet. It might sound like you are joining in. Instead make a distracting noise and then wait for your dog's attention.
    * If he gives you his attention and is quiet....reward him.
    * If your dog barks at you for attention, turn your back and don't give him any attention. Wait for him to stop.
    * When he is quiet....reward the silence with your attentionh.


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