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Thread: Hi Group

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    Hi Group

    Hi Group
    I am the Mommy to 2 minni shcauzers. I was feeding them Pet chef express, lamb and brown rice. One of my shcnauzers strated to vomit, then came the very loose stool. After 3 trips to the vet, and a anit nausea injection, bland diet, we are on the road to reovery!!! Her blood test was terriific expect for 2 panels of slighly elovated liver enzyms.....................OK did my research, and a synthetic Vit. K in the pet chef express is not recomended on the review list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I am now going to slowly start her on Mulligan Stew fish kibbles, does anyone have an opion on this food, it is very highly recomened, other than raw.
    Thank you
    Lollie, so confused

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    Hello and welcome Gale!!!

    I think this topic may answer a lot of your question...

    Dog food suggestion topic

    -- to infinity and beyond!

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