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  • An Easy And Worry Free Way To Raise Your Dogs - Books and Audios to Help You

    There will be days when your beloved pet will look like an angel and will give you tons of smiles and laughs, and there will also times when your dog will look like a mischievous little devil that causes you frustration and a whole bunch of stress.

    According to some sources and opinions from many other dog owners, one of the reasons why they feel stressed and frustrated with their dog is because some dog owners lack the understanding or the need to understand their dogs.

    Many dog owners have thought; "Why is he doing this"? Or "How come she always does that"?
    Believe it or not, everything that your dog does has a reason.

    They're simply not doing it because they take pleasure of seeing you suffer (really!).

    For this reason, Sharda Baker has dedicated her time and her efforts in helping bridging the gap a little more between dog and man. If you think about it, the more we understand our dogs the easier it will be to train and correct their behavior.

    Sharda has published a collection of books and audios that discuss different aspects in raising a dog such as: dog training, potty training, dog nutrition and dog grooming.

    Like other dog owners, Sharda also initially had a hard time dealing with certain aspects in raising her dogs. This gave birth to her desire to know more about dogs and make it easier for herself and for other dog owners as well.

    Her dedication and hard work in researching all she could about dog training, dog grooming and dog health and nutrition gave birth to some of the most recommended dog books on the internet today.

    Here are some of the most popular one below;


    Thinking of going to an expert dog trainer for help? Why spend that much money to teach your dog something that you can do yourself?

    If you're puzzled about a lot of things that your dog does and is starting to lose hope in the whole dog training process, don't worry because the DIY Dog Training Manual can really help you overcome the many training and behavioral problems your dog may demonstrate.

    This dog training book and audio package also discusses the different types of training methods that you can choose in training your dog.

    The DIY Dog Training Manual & audios offers you answers to most of the common and not so common dog behavior and dog training questions. This manual can teach you to correct your dog behavior problems such as – barking, potty training problems, jumping, chewing, humping, biting and a whole lot more.

    The DIY Dog Training Manual provides you with a step-by-step guide in teaching your dog to sit, stay, come and roll over, plus shows how to walk your dog on and off a leash and generally how to behave both at home and in public.

    This is definitely something recommended for both first time dog owners as well as more experienced dog owners.

    The DIY Dog Training Manual really proves the fact that anybody can train their dogs properly given enough knowledge and determination to do the task.

    For more information about the DIY Dog Training Manual please click here for details.


    The toilet training process is a very important and necessary part of raising a dog. For many potty training can be considered as their "Mt Everest" of raising a dog.

    That being said, this book and audio package can really help you with the whole potty training process. Like other potty training books the 7 Day Potty Training Guide also talks about the different types of potty training methods.

    What sets this book from other potty training books though is that it also guides you step-by-step in the whole potty training process for both adult dogs and puppies.

    The book also talks about the different difficulties or type of dog behavior that you dog may present during the whole potty training process.

    The title of the book, 7 Day Potty Training Guide, will certainly live up to its word which makes this book such a great investment in raising your dogs.

    For more information about the 7 Day Potty Training Guide please click here for details.


    One of the most important things that we as dog owners should invest in is our dog's health.

    This is one of the reasons why dog owners spend a lot of time thinking about the PERFECT DOG FOOD for their dogs. But did you know that not all dog foods live up to their name and that YOU can actually asses the nutrition value of the dog food yourself?

    This is actually one of the many dog health and diet related topics that The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition offers. Other topics includes: allergies, diabetes and dermatitis to name a few.

    It also shows you how to choose the right dog food for your dog help you be open to the different types of doggy diets that are out there!

    This book is a handy tool to use to help you understand the different types of dog diseases and how to prevent them from affecting your dog.

    The Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition is a book worth having as it simplifies the discussion that involves complicated doggy diseases and conditions. It's interesting, very informative and is easy to understand.

    Although this book will do well with first time dog owners, it will also provide experienced dog owners with additional information about their dogs' health and well being.

    For more information about the Complete Guide To Your Dog's Nutrition please click here for details.


    This is actually Sharda's newest addition to the many dog related books that she has authored. This book talks about grooming your dog from head to paw.

    Why do you need to go to the groomer and spend a lot of money getting your dog clipped when you can all or much of the grooming yourself?

    If you're too busy to groom then discover the right way to choose a good groomer for your dog.

    The book and audio package guides you step-by-step in the common and not so grooming procedures like: bathing, brushing your dog's coat and teeth, nail and coat clipping, emptying the anal glands and a whole lot more. It also talks about the necessary tools that you will need in the whole grooming process.

    You won't have to worry about matts, tangles, fleas, hot spots and other skin related diseases that your dog may suffer from.

    The book also talks about some first aid procedures that may want to learn in case of emergencies in grooming or in daily life.If you're planning on learning about grooming your dog, whether you're a new dog owner or not, then this book is for you!

    For more information about the Secrets To Easy Dog Grooming please click here for details.


    Sharda also acknowledges other authors who have created helpful, easy to follow and interesting dog related books as well.

    Here are some of the books and dog products that Sharda herself recommends:


    This is another great grooming book that extensively covers dog grooming. Not only does this book guides you step-by-step in the whole grooming process but Grooming Your Dog At Home - The Ultimate Guide also provides you with pictures and some secrets in nail clipping, bathing, brushing, hair clipping, battling bad doggy smell, and a whole lot more.

    This book also gives you tips in choosing the right tools for the grooming process. It's easy to read and easy to follow. This book is something that both experienced and novice dog owners out there.

    If dog grooming is something you want to master then this is actually one of best dog grooming books out there.

    For more information about Grooming Your Dog At Home - The Ultimate Guide please click here for details.


    Although this grooming video caters more to the Yorkie and Miniature Schnauzer owners out there this is actually a great way to learn to groom your dog properly.

    The grooming video SHOWS you the proper way to brush, clip your dog's nails, trim their coat in different places, clean your dog's ears and many more.

    It actually even shows you how to empty your dog's anal glands which is actually not as hard as you may have thought.

    The instructions in the video are in clear English and even have subtitles to highlight the important parts of the grooming process.

    If you're more of the visual and tactile learner and pictures and written instructions simply isn’t enough for you. Then I suggest that you check this video out.

    For more information about this Grooming Video please click here for the Yorkie Video and please click here for the Miniature Schnauzer video.


    Some of you may have already heard about Dr Dennis Fetko aka Dr Dog. Dr Dog actually has a weekly radio show where HE ANSWERS dog behavior and training questions.

    This is a dog training book that will really help you understand the reasons behind those weird doggy behaviors from barking, aggressive dog behaviors, biting, digging to the whole dog obedience training process.

    His book is another dog training book that Sharda recommends. Dr Dog's approach to the whole dog training process is really unique and it works…FAST! Dealing with bad dog behavior is not as difficult as you may have imagined.

    The book is well written, easy to understand and it’s fun to read. You can really see the effort and dedication that Dr Dog put into making this book.

    Dr. Dogs FAST, EASY, & FUN Behavior Solutions is really a book that follows the same principle as Sharda's DIY Dog Training book.

    For more information about Dr. Dogs FAST, EASY, & FUN Behavior Solutions please click here for details.


    Do you know that not all dog foods contain the needed nutrition for your dogs and that according to many sources there are a lot of dogs who suffer from malnutrition that causes them to be susceptible to many diseases?

    This is one of the reasons why Dr Andrew Jones, a vet for 20 years and a strong advocate of Natural Pet Health Care, created a special health supplement; to ensure that our dog gets the nourishment and nutrients that they need.

    Among the many great ingredients that make up Dr Jones's Ultimate Canine Health Supplement, one of the most notable ingredient that this supplement does possess is OMEGA 3 oil.

    OMEGA 3 OIL is actually used in many common doggy diseases such as; allergies and skin problems, cancer, diabetes, kidney diseases, etc. It's also OFTEN a SUBSTITUTE for medications such as corticosteroids and antihistamines in the treatment of inflammation and allergy conditions.

    Other important ingredient that it contains include PREBIOTICS AND PROBIOTICS that can help make your dog's digestive system healthy as well as balance out the harmful and helpful bacteria in the gut; VITAMINS and MINERALS (A, E, C, D, B6, B2, B12 and many others) that can help with your dog's eye sight, strengthens their immune system, and protects your dog's red blood cell.

    Dr Jones's Ultimate Canine Health Supplement can actually help you dog decrease chronic itching and scratching, improve your dog's coat and skin, improve digestion, reduce the risk of allergies, may improve cataracts or watery eyes, lower excessive intestinal gas and relieve upset stomach, help prevent recurrent ear infections and a whole lot more!

    For more information about Dr Jones's Ultimate Canine Health Supplement please click here for details.


    Linda Kaja actually created this book because of her pet Pebbles who suffered from a particular kind of skin disease. She
    spent a lot of money and consulted numerous vets to help Pebbles but unfortunately it none if it worked.

    This incident inspired Linda to do research regarding skin diseases and look for natural treatments that can help you dog but won't create a big hole in your pocket.

    The book focuses on the skin diseases that your dog could suffer from such as; hot spots, allergies, dandruff, canine acne and whole lot more skin diseases both common and not so common.

    This book is great for dog owners whose dogs are prone to these kinds of conditions.

    It's well written and it's very informative and Linda did an excellent job to make the book look more like a book rather than a compilation of unknown terms.

    Solutions to your dog's skin problems is well written and is simplified to help everyone understand it clearly.

    For more information about Solutions to your dog's skin problems please click here for details.

    The books, authors and products that were mentioned above understood this principle and are only few of the many dog related authors out there that can help you with raising your dog.

    It just goes to show that raising a dog can both be sometimes a stressful yet ultimately satisfying experience.

    All the best.

    Jude & the team at the Dog Help Forum

    If you decided to invest in a book that Sharda has recommended here, Sharda may be paid a small commission. This is no way affects the price of any books or audios nor is the reason for her recommendations. All books are recommended due to their quality, accuracy and helpfulness of the information they contain.
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