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Male Standard Poodle

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by on 09-17-2010 at 08:04 PM (3178 Views)
[QUOTE=tamm0449;3577]Hi, I have a problem. We purchased registered top quality black Standard Poodles and want to breed them. Our two year old girls are ready to breed. Tawny is in heat now and Sophie should come in heat one week later if she follows her heat cycle like last year. Tawny is begging Dante' our eight month old boy to breed her and he does try but he keeps his penis in his sleeve and it never comes out. He does everything else trying to breed Tawny but poor Dante' just doesn't know that his penis has to come out to breed with Tawny. Do we just have to wait for him to learn what he is doing, how long will it take or is there anything that we can do to help him know what to do? I know this is a crazy question but we really wanted babies that would be ready for Christmas. Do we have a slow learner, before she came into heat he was always humping both of the girls without actually showing himself. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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