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by on 11-14-2010 at 04:02 PM (2262 Views)
New Owner but Baby is not with me yet
Good Morning everyone. I've been researching and trying to decide on the right dog for me for several months now. In the past I was an American Cocker Spaniel show dog breeder and been very stubborn when it came to making a change. But I live in a one bedroom apartment (with den) now and decided to 'downsize' what canine friend I would have. By downsizing I mean actual size, not temperment, fun or anything else that comes with the dog. I know the responsibility will be the same but I also know that my monthly trips to Minnesota will be easier with a smaller dog because I can take him as a carry on .

I always remembered the Yorkies that won the terrier breed in dog shows and how adorable it was to see them in the 'best in show' ring. As the last of 7 breeds they always looked like little mops cleaning up after the bigger dogs!

So I found a local breeder (can't tell you how many I met and talked with) because I did not want to start my dogs life with me by flying across the country. Then it was a choice of boy or girl. Truth be told I was sure it would be a little girl and I looked at pictures of little girls throughout my search. But low and behold, out of 2 litters and 7 kids, a little boy picked me. He was the runt and the only one that already had his ears up at 7 weeks.

I'm on my way to Minnesota for Thanksgiving so decided to wait until November 29th to bring him home. He will be 10 weeks old then. The breeder (bless her heart) will be taking care of him while I'm in Minnesota over Xmas. I didn't think a trip up north to the frozen tundra would be a good thing at just 13 weeks. He needs time at this new home before that. I figure Valentines day would be a good time to start his travels!

Anyway, I've named him Corky. He is on Royal Canin dog food (Yorkshire 28) and I'm going to leave him on that. I work during the day but am only 3 miles from home so lunch will be spent with Corky and he won't be left alone all day. His play area and kennel are ready, I have the toys, dog food, snacks, pads and just need my buddy now.

I love the forum and it's wealth of information. With 2 more weeks before I can bring him home I plan to read and learn as much as I can.

Counting the days - Ginny B
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