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Cleaning Bella's teeth.

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by on 05-17-2010 at 02:56 PM (330 Views)
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Hope I do this right. Forgive me if I mess up. Anyway, I groom my mini poodle Bella myself, went to dog grooming school in the early 70's in New York City. I don't do her nails, never liked it. My vet lives around the corner from me, he does them. She will be 15mos. this month. She is a sweetie. Tried to brush her teeth for the first time. She does not like it, my fault should have started when she was a puppy. She lets me bath, brush, comb and cut. she is so good. She does let me touch her teeth and gums with my fingers. How can I get her used to the brush? Thank you.
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    You can start by choosing the time of day that you will clean her teeth, and be consistent every day.

    Let her smell the toothpaste first. and it may help if you enzymatic toothpaste, this way it only needs to make contact with the dogs teeth, and not really have to brush them at all. You can choose a flavour she may like, it comes in chicken and beef, and perhaps other flavours.

    Don't give her a choice about it. When it comes time to clean her teeth, she may fight you a bit, but eventually she'll surrender to the process.
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