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Factors to Know Before Getting a Swimming pool Table

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by on 01-19-2015 at 02:25 PM (114 Views)
So you have actually decided to get a pool table, however you don't know anything regarding them. Well loosen up, I will offer you all the information that you'll have to understand before buying one.

You need to understand your budget. How much are you willing to invest? Pool tables can be bought for just a couple hundred dollars to as long as numerous thousand dollars with some tables varying as high as $20,000 or even more!

Do you have the room required to establish up a swimming pool table. Regulation of thumb is; you need at the very least 5' around the table in order to be able to play without striking the wall surface or other things.

Third, now that you have set forth the area and you have a budget plan in mind; where will you get your table? Will you acquire one from a site such as Craigslist or eBay or are you located near a shop that offers pool tables? We frequently market tables on Craigslist and also we have often located excellent quality swimming pool tables on Craigslist, nonetheless "caveat emptor" or caveat emptor, some offers are too excellent to be true.

Swimming pool tables need to be completely disassembled prior to relocating. If you relocate a table in one piece, you not just run the risk of ruining the table, however you run the risk of hurting yourself. It is best to call a professional swimming pool table mover to move your table and establish it support up for you.

Now that you have every little thing in area lets talk regarding what you will certainly require to look for when getting a pool table. When clients call me and also ask just what is the one point they need to look for just before purchasing a swimming pool table, I highlight one word, SLATE! A reduced top quality, low-end table will certainly have a bit board or MDF playing area these tables we in the sector telephone call "throw away" tables.

When getting a table, look for brand such as Brunswick, Olhausen, or Gandy these tables will certainly hold their value.

Check out the structure of the table. Is it devoid of fractures yet major problems? If appropriate to the area you live in), inspect for termites (. In Florida, we typically view sellers selling swimming pool tables that are plagued with termites. Look at the legs, are they additionally without fractures and also issues ?

Check out the felt/cloth. Is it fit or does it seem to require changing? Think about that it will certainly set you back regarding $295 yet up to replace it if it does require changing.

Look at that pockets. Are they fit or are they frayed yet harmed? Plastic decline pockets are rather affordable to change, nevertheless the price to change leather pockets can be rather costly.

A driving test you could do to figure out if the bumpers are still good is to start at one end of the table as well as roll the round will certainly some force versus the various other end of the table. A good bumper will certainly provide you at the very least 3 bounces back and forth.

, if you are still uncertain on whether you are obtaining a great bargain; call somebody which is educated in billiard tables as well as they can help you via the buying process.


A pool table is a wonderful financial investment that could supply you and your family members with years of enjoyment.

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