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Thread: dogs and cats

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    Question dogs and cats

    ive just got a rescue dog neutered 13 months old and i cant stop him chasing my cat my cat is terrified please help

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    Hello julie.walker23

    Not all dogs are cat chasers, and not all cats are afraid of dogs. It is helpful if your dog and cat are introduced when they are young, or that at least one of them is familiar with the other species. Care should be taken when introducing a puppy to a mature cat, as the cat can seriously harm the puppy with its claws. Likewise an adult dog, even a small breed, can easily kill a kitten. Until they are safe together do not leave the dog and cat unsupervised.

    Introduce the dog and cat slowly. Crate training the dog can really help as it allows the cat freedom without fear of fighting. It also allows the dog to become familiar with the cat. Remove the cat litter box and food from areas that the dog has access to. Not only will the dog eat both the food and the fecal material in the litter box but the cat will often start using other areas of the house as a litter box.

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